Saturday, June 18, 2011

Summer in the South

It is only June but here is Southwest Arkansas it is HOT!!  We are talking 100 degree, high humidity hot.  I was horrified when talking with my neighbor yesterday afternoon at the sweat running down my legs.  Not attractive.  I have also learned that girls need a bra for everyday of the week.  I asked my friend about this because I wanted to be assured I am not the only woman who sweats everywere.  Enough complaining...the good news is the  sun is shining and I love it!  I would much rather be hot and sweaty than cold.  Get back with me in August to see if I still feel the same.  On another good note the yard is turning brown which saves money on gas for the lawn mower (which happens to be broken right now) :).  Happy Summer Everyone!

1 comment:

  1. Hi Michelle
    100 degrees!!! I would die. The first time we visited Florida it was 96 degrees and I sweated in places I didn't know I had. LOL.
    Oh and I have that fainting goat syndrome too!
    Enjoy your summer and stay cool.