Friday, July 23, 2010

Texarkana or Hope

We went to Texarkana last week and looked at homes.  Our dilemma is whether to live in Texarkana or Hope.  Jason's work in in the middle of both towns.  Our other quandry is do we want to live in a rural or urban setting.  We have always thought of ourselves as country people.  We have dreamed of having acreage, horses, garden and  the quiet of a farm.  (Granted we have 5 acres now and looking for a 2+ acre lot.)
 But with active kids would the drive to town be a burden?  Would we truly enjoy getting up and doing chores and having to plan what to do with animals when we go on vacation?  Would we rather have friends nearby to play with?

Maybe we are city people and didn't know it.
Maybe we always dream of what we don't have at the moment.

We are truly blessed to be able to choose the life we want.  We are so grateful to have choices and options.  I keep you posted on our progress.