Sunday, February 21, 2010

Come On Spring

Lately I have been dreaming of spring. Some daffodils have sprouted in the yard so I know that Spring is on its way. I am ready to start planning a garden! I plan to expand the garden this year and replant through the season to get more veggies for the family. I may need to purchase a freezer to hold my goodies. I am going to plant herbs to use for medicinal purposes. I am attending an herbal workshop at the Ozark Folk Center in Mtn. View Arkansas next month. It looks wonderful and I am excited. I hope thoughts of Spring is putting a smile on your face.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Laughter and Family

I hope you are all enjoying the snow. We have had a great weekend. We spent it with Jason's cousin on Saturday. It is always wonderful to catch up. Too bad it takes a snow storm to slow down enough to pause and take time to share the day. I spent Sunday at a friends house embroidering aprons. The aprons were for a chili cook off we had at Cowboy Church last night. I definitely want an embroidery machine!!! I loved it. Due to my friends hand surgery I was able to do all the work. Then the main event last night. It was our 2nd annual Chili Cook off and 5th Sunday sing. We had a variety of entertainment which included our Cowboy Pastor rapping "Pants on the Ground". He even break danced. After the rap he gave us his country version of the son which was just as hilarious. What a great time of fellowship.

I think we often take ourselves too serious. The fun we had at church last night would be unheard of in many churches. Laughter is healing. It brings us together, it lets us put our guards down for a little while as we laugh at others acting foolish and allows us to act foolish as well. It lowers our defenses so we can let others see our silly side. Once these defenses are lowered and others see us silly perhaps we can allow others to see us when we are vulnerable. If we do then we can be ministered to and minister to
others as we bring down walls through laughter.