Monday, September 20, 2010


We have arrived in Texarkana with our 4 dogs, 3 rabbits, 2 fish and 1 gecko.  It was quite a trip with all the animals but we are settling in nicely.  We have a nice walking trail down the street from our house and have used it almost everyday.  The kids are liking living in town where they can ride their bikes around.  

We are going to start school today.  The moved delayed our school a few weeks but I am confident we will catch up quickly.  The only problem is our books are packed so it is off to the store to buy a few notebooks and the library.  

Jenelle auditioned for the Texarkana Youth Symphony last week and made 1st Violin 5th chair.  She has her second rehearsal tonight.  They are working on Christmas music so I am in heaven.  Derek will have his first cub scout meeting tonight which challenges me logistically since Jason is out of town.

I am nervous about meeting the home school group this week.  I think I have a few philosophical differences and am worried that I will not fit in.  Hopefully this is unfounded. I can't believe I am so worried.  Perhaps it is because this is a small town with limited home schoolers so I feel like we are either going to make it or break it.  There are two home school groups in the area.  One of the groups bylaws turned me off immediately so all my eggs are in one basket so to speak.