Tuesday, June 7, 2011

New Southern Phrase

I heard a new southern phrase I want to share with you.  On Saturday we were hauling brush from our fallen tree to the recycling center.  My husband (who is a genius at finding ways to not do hard labor) ties some rope around the brush and pulls it off the trailer instead of us all throwing it off branch by branch.  I am very grateful for his brilliance!  A worker there watched this happen and shouted out "Cooking with Crisco Baby!".  We laughed all the way home.  I like this saying so much I think I will use it.  The only problem is I don't cook with Crisco.  Let's see "Cooking with EVOO Baby"?  Doesn't have the same ring.  How about "Cooking with butter Baby"?  Don't know.  Is it okay to say "Cooking with Crisco" even though you don't?

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