Thursday, June 30, 2011

Flower Power

I read an article this morning that left me in Awe.  Japan is planting sunflowers to remove radiation.  WOW!!  My favoritist (my word) instructor Philip Fritchey ND often says that he believes God has given us herbs for healing that we can all find near where we are.  I believe this also.  What an amazing Creator to give us plants to not only heal our bodies but heal the earth.  Sometimes I can be a sap and this morning I am a grateful teary eyed sap thinking of how we are provided for.  Read this article and know that the Creator of the Universe is amazing.


  1. Incredible! P.S. you're not a sap!

  2. This is wonderful news Michelle. Thanks for sharing it.
    Cricket is big over here. Do you play rounders in the US? If you do, cricket is a bit like that.