Sunday, June 19, 2011

Saturday Nights

Saturday Nights for us involves Dirt, Grease, Earplugs, and Race Cars!
Brittany and her Daddy drives.

Derek is always sure to wear ear plugs.

Dad works hard to keep the car going for two racers.

Brittany helps.

Jenelle is making sure it is done right.

Last week the following photos were our excitement.  Jason is the middle car coming around the curve.

The car on the inside didn't make the curve and drove straight into Jason.

He drove OVER the left front of Jason.

Caught a little air.

Then drove into the 14F car.

Jason managed to stay out of the 14F.

Jason was black flagged for rough driving into the 14F car (which he didn't touch)!  I think the officials need a better view of the track. 

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