Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Energy Audit

Last week we had Aloha Air come out a give us an energy audit.  I just love their uniforms.  It makes me want to be somewhere tropical.

He began by make negative air pressure in our house.  I am sure there is a more technical way to say this but alas I am not technical.  He basically created a draft of air coming from the inside of our house to the outside.
This is a manometer and it measures air pressure (I think).  Anyway the happy Aloha guy (who couldn't be happy in a Hawaiian shirt) looked at it and determined if we were ready to see where the leaks were.  We could walk through the house and feel the hot air (heat index 110 that day) coming in through crack, crevices, windows, hot water closets, and plumbing.
The happy Aloha guy then reversed the air pressure in the house and measured how much air was going the other direction through the duct work and vents.


We are awaiting a formal report to tell us what action should be taken to make us more efficient.  There will be a price tag attached I am sure.  The good news is there are a few things we can do ourselves inexpensively to help out.  Spray foam will become our friend.  Also SWEPCO will give us $$ towards some of the big items.  Check your energy provider for rebates as most have them. 

Thanks for hanging with me for this laypersons report.  Perhaps I can get my husband to write a more technical report because I am sure I may have explained some of this wrong.  If so my apologies.  It was a neat experience and I hope to save the Earth (or maybe just lots of greenbacks :). 

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