Monday, January 30, 2012

Rain, Races and Australia

Good Day Mates!  Last week was a full one for the Edwards household. 
Zane and I walked each morning, twice in the rain.  It was lovely and I am so glad I went each day.

Conner came over to build his pinewood derby car.  Jason and Derek enjoyed spending time with him.

We hosted Culture Club and you guessed it...the culture was Australia!  We ate wallaby stew and rounded up some kangaroos.  Well, not really wallaby stew but the grub was delicious.  Each family brings a dish and project to share about each culture.  Eating is my favorite part of culture day :).

Aren't these little ones sweet?  I remember when my children were small, and cute, and sweet, ahhhhhh.

Look at that sweet face. 

There is my honey (standing) checking in pinewood derby cars.  Derek is too old for pinewood derby but Jason is helping out with the Cub Scouts.

Look at that turnout!  Unfortunately the track didn't make it to the race so the race had to be postponed until tonight.  I am sure there will be photos next week. 

My weight loss came to a halt.  I haven't given up and I followed the plan but didn't lose this week.  On the up note I didn't gain either. 

Have a great week everyone!!

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  1. I wish we could be part of your Culture Club! It looks like so much fun!:) Lori