Monday, January 30, 2012

My Thanks and Pledge

See that smile?  That is my eldest, my sweet baby girl, my sunshine.  She was the first baby I rocked, held, nursed, sang to and loved.  She is not so little anymore.  In fact, she is 16.  It is hard to let go.  It is hard to watch her pull out of the drive way in her truck into the great world of hurt and worry. Saturday evening she was driving with a friend to dinner and ran out of gas.  Some wonderful people helped her push her truck into the Red Lobster parking lot until Daddy could get there with gas.  Sometimes it does take a village and I am so grateful for the people who watched over her when I couldn't.  It would have been much easier to drive on by to their destination thinking she could have managed on her own.  As a result of this I make this pledge to all parents of teens out there.  If I see your sweet baby boy or girl on the side of the road I will help.  If I see your daughter walk out into a deserted and dark parking lot I will watch to make sure she makes it to her car safely.  If I see your son being bullied I will be the adult to tell the others to go on home.  Some of these things you may know about.  Other times no one will ever know I was there.  I won't do it for a thank you but instead as a hope that if my child is ever in need again you will be there.


  1. Isn't it truly scary? Even though they look grown sometimes, they are still our little babies who need all the guidance they can get.

  2. Love this, Michelle. Beautiful. Thanks also for encouragement! I had no idea you were on WW, too!:) Lori