Monday, January 23, 2012

366 Project Week 3

Week three of January was a lot of fun.  Most of the week we had very warm temps.  I broke out the capri's on Friday when we hit 80 degrees.  Jason's birthday was last week and we had fun celebrating with him.  Here are a few pics.  Oh, and I have lost 8.2 pounds since the first of the year.  Woo Hoo!!

We received a Christmas package last week.  The kids loved their gift from Aunt Regina.  Aren't they cool?  The girls wore theirs to church Wednesday night and lots of people commented on them. 

Too Fun

This is how our day looks.

My little man doing what warms Mamas heart.

Yes my husband likes strawberry cake for his birthday.  Brittany baked and decorated the cake this year.

How many candles???

Pretty lights.

My he has good lungs.

This was Derek's project. 

 Sprinkles is checking it out.   She is one lucky dog to be loved so much. 

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