Sunday, October 2, 2011

Book Review


The first part of this book written by Stephen Mansfield was quite interesting. I was not a viewer of the Oprah Show so much of her life was unknown to me. I like biographies and thought the biography portion of this book was interesting. I got lost in the rest of the book. I like the facts please. Mr. Mansfield made many assumptions of how Oprah came to the spiritual beliefs and I felt that he was grasping for straws in many of his connections. Honestly, I became bored with the book and found it hard to continue reading his explanations for how Oprah and America came to the place where we are today. I think it is a good way for Christians to shirk their responsibility to become involved in others lives and ministering to others by finding alternate explanations to people leaving the Christian faith rather than taking on the responsibility of sharing Christ themselves. Mr. Mansfield is a good writer and the book was easy to follow. I was given a copy of Where Has Oprah Taken Us? by Stephen Mansfield in exchange for my honest opinion. I received no other compensation.

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  1. Great review! Are you reviewing with Book Sneeze? I have a book coming and cannot wait to read it. Going to pick up held mail tomorrow. Trying to get back into the swing of things at home. Big hugs.:) Lori