Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Beautiful Night to Fish

Last Saturday night we decided to go fishing.  My boy loves fishing!  He can sit there all day waiting for that bite. 
 His best friend was able to come so that made the trip extra special.

 The light was amazing when we arrived.  I am so glad I brought my camera.
 We were at Millwood Lake.  There is supposed to be an alligator in the lake but we haven't met him yet.
 I wonder if we ever do meet him if he will pose for me.

 The geese were beautiful.  I think they were flying the wrong direction.  Go south and bring winter on down please.

In terms of being able to eat fish we were not successful.   In terms of quality time spent together in the beautiful sunset we were rock stars!  Sweet dreams my little man.  We will catch the big one next time.


  1. Love it. That looks so peaceful.

  2. Hi Michelle
    Your pictures are really beautiful. I loved seeing them. Glad you had a great time even if you didn't get to have a fish supper!