Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Summer Remedies Everyone Needs

Warm days are signaling us that summer is not too far away.  Summer is my favorite time of year.  I love the heat!  Swimming, picnicking, fishing, hiking, camping, playing outside are just a few of my favorite activities.  With all those wonderful activities comes bug bites, sunburns, scrapes and bruises.  Here are a few natural remedies I carry in my purse at all times. 
Lavender oil is a must.  It is soothing and healing on burns (including sunburn).  I keep a bottle in my kitchen. It works well on bug bites. Several drops in a warm bath helps relax the body after a hard day of play.  A drop on the shirt collar of a over stimulated toddler can soothe the crankiest of kids. 

Aloe Vera is fabulous on sunburn.  For me personally I rank lavender slightly above aloe for soothing relief.  We keep a bottle of pure aloe in the refrigerator for extra coolness on a hot burn.
I can sing the praises of peppermint all day.  One drop of its essential oil on the tongue will cure the hiccups because of its antispasmodic properties.  A couple of drops of its oil is soothing on the tummy.  You can also buy peppermint tea as well.  I put a drop on the back of my son's neck when he gets carsick and it helps every time.  A drop on the back of the neck cools the body and I have used it successfully when myself and others were overheated. Many have told me this is great for hot flashes although I haven't experienced this for myself.  The drops are antibacterial and can be used to disinfect anything.  My favorite use is in motel rooms on the cups.  It works wonderful on bug bites.  My son is allergic to fire ants and unfortunately we have many where we live.  The bite will swell up to the size of a base ball on him.  I put a few drops on his bite and within 2 minutes the swelling had gone down. You can use it to wake up.  Inhale deeply and it will stimulate the brain.  I am ashamed to say I have used this technique when traveling.  I do not recommend it for this purpose.  When driving finding a place to sleep is always best!   Peppermint oil is always in my purse.  There are so many uses for it and it is my first line of defense when something new comes up.  Let me know your favorite uses for peppermint oil!

Arnica Montana is a homeopathic remedy that I carry at all times. It is in all my first aid kits.  It stimulates the body to heal quickly especially bruises.  You place the dissolving tablets under the tongue.  There are also cream or gels you can purchase as well as liquid.  Whenever my children or I fall this is our first line of defense.  We also use it successfully for headaches.  If you buy the gel or cream, which I do DO NOT apply to an open wound.  It is great for sore muscles as well!
Five Flower Formula or Rescue Remedy are essential for emotional and physical stress.  You can put a few drops under the tongue, on the skin, in a bath or in your drinking water.  This works wonders for quieting the mind and stressful situations.  It has even been shown to counter physical shock.  You can buy it in pastilles which is the method my children prefer to take it.  I often use it for headaches with my children and a backup remedy for motion sickness.  If you have a nervous traveler like my son you may find it very beneficial for vacation.

Nux Vomica is a homeopathic remedy for vomiting.  When you have overdone the ice cream, hot dogs and nachos at the amusement park this will be what you will want to have.  These dissolve under the tongue and is very effective.  Also use this car sickness.

This is the last essential I will share with you today.  Poison Ivy Scrub.  A few different brands make this and It works!!  Buy the ones that say it will remove itching in less than 30 seconds.  We keep bottles in both baths and in the camping gear.  My daughter mowed through poison ivy last year.  She was covered from head to toe in the rash the day of prom....IKES.  She was in tears and a friend told us of this product.  You bathe using the product it removes the oil of the poison ivy which is what causes the rash.  We had to bathe three times due to the severity of her case and she was poison ivy free that evening for prom!  It was truly amazing.  We have used it a few times since and had the same great results. 

Have a great summer my friends and soak up the sunshine :).  Let me know your favorite summer remedies. 


  1. Love, love, love this, Michelle! Could you please tell us where to buy these wonderful items? Lori

  2. Thanks Lori! Your closest place would be Marys Natural Foods on 71B. ONF would have it or you can always find everything in Amazon.

  3. I love these kinds of blog posts. I put some of the lavender oil on a little bite I got today. Itching quit immediately. Yeah!!!

  4. Lori-the poison ivy scrub can be bought at Wal-Mart. Thanks Merit! I will try to put similar blogs out regularly.