Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Millwood State Park

Millwood State Park is located East of Ashdown, Arkansas.  It is a beautiful park with hiking trails, campsites, nice restrooms, pavilion, playground, paddle boats, canoes and fishing.  There are swings to sit on and look at the lake.
There are ducks and geese to feed and watch.

There is flora to discover.  These henbit flowers are edible and resemble a mouse in a boat.  Do you see the mouse?
My son went to fish.  He loves the lake.

We fish with worms.  My oldest daughter has baiting a hook down to an art.

 I go to hike, take pics, listen to the water lap against the shore and relax.

What a wonderful Creator to give us such beauty.  I hope you make it to Millwood Lake soon.

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  1. Very beautiful. Super neat about the mouse and the boat. That fishing sure looks peaceful.