Monday, March 28, 2011

Christmas Shopping

Well its that time of year again....not really although I am thinking ahead to Christmas.  I bought some yarn the other day and started knitting someone a gift.  With this move to Texarkana I have decluttered and have realized living with less stuff is kind of nice.  Less to clean and less to pick up SO I am thinking I want to give gifts this year that can be used or used up.  If my garden produces the way I would like it to I may make salsa and speghetti sauce for gifts if I can get my new friend Merit to teach me to can...hint, hint.  What are the best gifts you have received that were consumable or useful?  Do you have any ideas? 


  1. Sounds great. I sure my new friend will teach me to knit. hint hint :) Jalapeno pepper jelly seems to be the most easy to make and the best gift to give. Also, Cajun Watermelon Salsa/Relish is another great one. Good idea. I should make bath products/baskets.

  2. Great idea about the bath products! I am a very novice knitter. I only know one patter/stitch. LOL. I do enjoy it though. The watermelon salsa sounds interesting.

  3. Oh, I love this! I want to learn to make soaps! Lovely scented soaps that make you feel amazing.:) And, yes, please plan on coming up on your birthday weekend, Michelle! We'll see the movie and have the best time catching up! I miss you! Where should we go to dinner?? Lori