Saturday, April 24, 2010

Shedding What Doesn't Belong

I recently watched a documentary on yoga.  Even though I do not follow the Dalia Lama's teachings I was struck by something he said.  He was asked by the seeker in the documentary how to find himself.  The reply was simple-let go of everything that is not you.  This resonated with me and I have mulled over it for a few weeks.  I realize that I have many things in my life that are wonderful and nice but do not represent me.  Funny how I learn things that I wish I knew all my life.  I wish I felt free in my twenties to express the things I love instead of trying to fit in.  Perhaps I will be able to instill these lessons in my children and then be wise enough to let them find the things they love even when I may not love those things. 

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