Monday, April 5, 2010

Mountain View

A couple of weekends ago my daughter and I went to Mountain View to learn about Edible Plants. If I ever run away you may find me in the beautiful Ozark Mountains in Central Arkansas. The White, Red and Buffalo River surround Mountain View and the quaint towns and townspeople were a joy. We ate organic, homemade bread from Serenity Farms in Leslie, Arkansas. They offerered sourdough wheat bread and homemade cheese which we bought for our lunch. Jenelle bought a homemade eclair that was scrumptious.
We hiked at three locations on Friday and identified edible plants. We visited the White, Red and Buffalo River. On Saturday we had classes teaching us how to prepare the edibles that we identified on Friday. Our lunch was a wonderful salad, soup and bread. Our drink was a spearmint soda made with spearmint syrup and sparkling water. Spearmint grows in my flower bed and I will be making this refreshing drink this summer. Saturday afternoon we distilled herbs. This is done to extract essential oil from the herbs.

Jenelle and I had the pleasure to stay at Mountaintop Bed and Breakfast. We had an unbelievable view of the White River and a gracious host. It was a blessing to get away with Jenelle for some Mother/Daughter time. She is a joy. Oh-and to top off the beauty of the weekend we saw a complete rainbow on the way home. Thanks Yahweh!


  1. Beautiful, Michelle! It was so fun seeing your pictures! It was just like you told me- lovely.... Lori

  2. Oh, my it sounds like and incredible time, and of course the photos make my senses tingle just wanting to get out there!