Monday, April 12, 2010

The Help

This book is wonderful!!  The

 characters are genuine.  I feel as

 though I could call them up and

 have a conversation.  I have

 dreamt about these women,

 laughed with them and cried with

 them.  I could not put the book

 down.  I intended to read slowly

and savor it but ended up grieving

 when I had to put it down.  I hope

 you all enjoy it as much as I.  If

have read it I would enjoy your

comments.  I would like to know

what character you think describes

 you the best. 


  1. Looooved Abilene and Minnie! Oh, and Mae Mobley! Mrs. Walters (Hilly''s Mom) was a hoot with the pie! Skeeter was so strong. I wish I could be more like her... How about you? Lori

  2. Which one describes me the best... Katie says- Mae Mobley.:) I try to see people for who they are inside, not just their outward appearance. Sometimes it takes me a bit of time, though. I am also a bit like Elizabeth, sad to say, because I am not good with change. I am also a huge follower, but I am working on that. I wanted so badly for her to tell Hilly off at the end of the book! Lori

  3. I am with you for telling Elizabeth off at then end of the book. I think I am like Louvenia. She secretly does kind things but not brave enough to speak out. I hide when I am sad and can put on a smile so that no one knows. Too bad no one was permitted to see her depression. I secretly hoped that Stuart would come back to Skeeter after he read the book. On Kathryn Stockett's website it says the book going to be a movie. I am not sure how I feel about that. I don't know if I will want to see it because the characters are very personal to me and I would be angry to see them construed.

  4. Oops. I meant Elizabeth telling Hilly off.

  5. Hi-I came over from Lori's blog... I LOOOOOOVED The Help too! I couldn't read it fast enough and like you was sad to see it end. I hope Kathryn Stockett does a follow up book or two. It amazed me this was her first novel!

    I could relate mostly to Aibileen and Skeeter-Though at times I wanted to push Skeeter harder to take a stand-It's a good thing I didn't write the book-Everyone would have ended up in jail!!!