Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Green Beans and Daisies

I found the most wonderful lunch cafe in Rogers.  It is in the Village Creek Center and named the Green Bean.  This is their hummus salad.  
 My new creative outlet is arranging flowers.  I had some left over after I arranged a bouquet for a friend who had a new baby girl.  Here are the results.


  1. Oh, that salad looks YUMMY! And the flowers are beautiful. I have seen them in person.:) How was your trip???? Lori

  2. The trip was long but okay. The flowers you gave me are still as fresh as when I got them. They are beautiful. Thanks so much!

  3. That salad does look yummy!! It's always great to discover new restuarants in this area. We'll have to try it out.

    The flowers are beautiful, too. :-)

  4. yum! i love finding a fun new place to eat.

    thanks for joining in the fun over at my blog. hope you day is a happy one!