Friday, February 25, 2011

Kindle Ups and Downs

A few of you asked me to let you know how I like the Kindle so here goes.  I have had my Kindle for a month and enjoy reading it.  The best qualities of the Kindle is I always have access to a book.  It is easy to read.  Books are cheap or free!  I have purchased some kindle books which have been short and educational.  I never loose my spot.  It fits in my purse (I carry a big purse).  The screen is easy to read. 

The things I do not like best about my kindle are: reading books I want to reference frequently.  I would rather have a book that I can highlight and tag pages to flip through easily.  The kindle has these capabilities and if you are more techy than me this may not bother you.  I have downloaded a magazine on the kindle.  The articles were easy to read (no go to page 117) but part of the charm of magazines for me is the photos.  I don't think I will be subscribing through the kindle.

Overall I am very pleased with my Kindle even though I won't be exclusive to ebooks.  If you have one how do you like it?

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  1. I love having a kindle. I like the format and the screen. But I also use kindle software on my PC, blackberry and droid tablet. I like that I have dozens of books with me where ever I am. I like that I can stick it inside a ziploc bag and read in the deer stand, at the beach or in a hot tub.