Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Flu Season

Flu season is upon us.  Here are some great tips for keeping well this winter.  Eat plenty of fresh fruits, veggies, garlic and stay away from refined sugar.  Vitamin C is a must!  My favorite homeopathic remedy is oscillococcinum.  It will make a difference.  The quicker you take it the better it works.
If your thoat is sore the bestest remedy is Throat Coat tea or pastilles.  It is an aquired taste.  I take it even though I don't like the taste because it works so quickly.  If you can't handle it a spoonfull of honey is tasty and healing.

There are many immune builder formulas at your local health food store and they are good.  Most will contain echinacea or elderberry.  Keep your stress low, exercise and catch some sun when you can.  All these things keep your body healthy.

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  1. This is wonderful information, Michelle! I still remember how you helped me out last year when I was sick. Thank you so much for being there for me. You are such a blessing!:) Lori