Saturday, January 9, 2010

Fun Day

I had a great day today! I grew up with brothers. I can relate to boys much better than girls. My whole childhood I hung out with the guys. While girls were playing "secret club" and skipping rope on the playground I was playing soccer with the boys. In high school I had a best girlfriend and the rest were guys. I was not girly, didn't care about hair styles, nail polish or telling secrets. My best friend was wonderful. God sent her to me. Many years I prayed for a best friend and I am still thankful for her.

My little sister (born when I was 16) is getting married in May. My sister in law called yesterday and suggested we take my sister bridal gown shopping. I was excited about spending time with two great ladies but not so excited about the shopping part. Let me tell you-I WAS WRONG! It was fabulous-from the 2 hours of trying on dresses to the all girl lunch.

Being with girls ROCK. I am going to make an effort to nurture female relationships in my life. I think I have missed some beautiful blessings being too busy to take time to find female friends. Going shopping, having lunch, getting nails done with a lady or two is no longer frivolous to me. After today I think it may be necessary. Look out friends. Here I come.

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  1. Michelle- You are SUCH fun! Your best friend was very lucky to have you, too.:) Lori