Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Sunsets in south Texas are beautiful!  We visited some sweet friends in New Braunfels a couple of weeks ago and had a great time.  We may move in with them soon but don't tell them or they may move ;).  Not really but we did have a wonderful time.  Sheldon, Natasha and their two boys were wonderful hosts and we fell in love with cactus and wide open spaces.

We went to Schlitterbahn on Saturday.  If you have never been I highly recommend it.  It was SOOO much fun.  I could spend all day boogie boarding!  It stormed off and on all day and we had to evacuate rides once.  Some big thunderboomers rolled through and we were on the waterfalls which is a river that goes around one of the parks (they have 3 parks!).  Derek was pulled off by lifeguards and we were too far down the river to get off.  The next stop was on the other side of the park!!  I was frantic.  I ran through the thunder, lightening, wind, cold, and stinging rain while everyone else in the  park stood under the pavilions watching me (not very gracefully) running like my life depended on it. I called for Derek under every pavillion and finally made it to where our ice chest was.  There was Derek covered by a towel waiting on me.  He was not frantic at all, not scared of the thunder or wind, not needing his mama who just ran to save him :(.  He's growing up :( :(.  His words to me were "I knew you would come back for the stuff."  Ha!  I told him we would come back for him too.

We went to Gruene, Texas for dinner and shopping.  Gruene is wonderful and if you ever go to New Braunfels spend some time there.  We were lucky that it was Gruene weekend when there are outdoor vendors selling all kinds of unique artisan made items.  We brought home some yummy flavored whole grain pasta.  My kids eat the spinach pasta with no sauce it is so good!  So that was our fun weekend.  It was worth the long drive and I can't wait to go again.

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  1. Sounds fun and scary. I love when people sell homemade stuff.