Monday, May 30, 2011

Great Weekend

For the last four years our Memorial Day Weekend included a pool party for family.  Ahhhh...but we no longer have a pool nor family within 5 hours so we found ourselves with nothing to do.  I mean no cleaning, prepping food, vacuuming pool, I was almost lost.  With all that being said this weekend was the best weekend in a long time.  On Saturday we piddled around the house.  I made my family breakfast and lunch with foods from the farmers market.  The farmers market is one of my favorite places so right at the start of the day was a SMILE.  I got to see my friend Tracy from Youngblood Grassfed Farms which totally made my day.  We went to the races that night and both my racers made it to the "A" feature.  Go Edwards!  The next day was heavenly.  The whole Edwards clan slept until well after 9:30.  That does not happen frequently but sleeping in next to my sweetie was fabulous.  We had a very late breakfast and vegged out on the couch and watched Parking Wars.  Side note: my family is obsessed with the show, frankly it is like watching a train wreck so I can take it or leave it.  We then had a late lunch and watched Nanny McPhee Returns.  It was as good as the first in our humble opinion.  We finished the evening by trying to fly kites.  My husband is a Rock Star in my book for flying kites with the kids.  Unfortunately the wind would not blow so we gave it up.  Monday was a lot like Sunday except we woke up at 6:30 after all the sleep on the day before. We watched more Parking Wars, did a little shopping, and finished the night watching Cake Boss.  We use our DVR a lot if you are wondering how we watch all these shows on off nights.  Derek and I went for a walk/bike ride on the walking trail because I needed some exercise.  I hope your holiday weekend was as fulfilling as mine.  There is truly no place like home and home is where my family is!


  1. Sounds like a perfect weekend Michelle. We love Nanny McPhee too.
    Your Summer Swap package is on the way so watch out for it soon :)

  2. Thanks Lindsay!!! I can't wait to get it. I tried to ship yours today but the UPS guy didn't know how to ship international. We live in a small place. He sent me to another store but they were closed. I will try again tomorrow.