Sunday, January 9, 2011

Around Town

Derek and I spent the day exploring Texarkana. Here we are in Spring Lake Park on the Texas Side.

The ducks were enjoying the warm day.

Here they are settling in for the evening. 

Here is Downtown Texarkana.  Years ago the railroad brought wealth to the community.

Union Station is now abandoned but the architecture is beautiful.

The first building is a museum and the building behind it is the Grim Hotel.   It is abandoned and some believe haunted.  There is talk of renovating it into apartments.  I love downtowns!  Texarkana is amazing to walk around even though mostly abandoned.  I can only imagine how it felt to get off at Union Station and walk down the street looking up at the rich buildings.  I have many more pics and will post more later.  Maybe someday I will own a shop in one of the old buildings....hmmmm. 

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