Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Are There Any Honest Contractors left?

Well, we are here in Texarkana.  I would like to settle in and relax but the matter of our home in Rogers is a never ending nightmare.  The relocation company hired inspectors for our home and the dishonesty is staggering.  First the septic company reported our tank to be undersized for our home.  We went to the county and pulled the records and the tank is bigger than reported.  Of course the septic company recommends a new system which we are disputing with our new evidence.  Not to mention they destroyed our yard in the process but that is a different story.  The Heating and Air company found issues with our burner boxes.  They also recommended new systems at the price of $15,000.   Jason contacted them and they admitted the units are under warranty and gave us a quote of $1400 to replace the boxes.  Two other contractors have given us quotes under $400.  We are fighting the original company's report that the units must be replaced with the relocation company.  The inspector reported that the roof line siding was leaking and had wood rot, the gas lines were rusted and needed replaced and the roof is 15 years old.  We have had contractors come out and all these things are false.  The roof is 4 years old.  We were there when it was put on!  Unfortunately this does seem to be the norm with inspectors and companies in NW AR.  They assume that the relocation companies will do what they recommend and we are the unusual ones that are fighting the system.  It makes me very sad that people are so dishonest.  Thanks for listening. 

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  1. I am so sorry about all this, Michelle. We are having issues with our home, too.:( Big, big SIGH! Any chance you will be up here in November? Mandy's birthday is coming up and she is missing her sweet friend! Lori